FAQ Table of Contents

App download issues

  1. Search to download the “YI IoT” app in google play.
  2. iOS in the App Store search to download the “YI IoT” app.
  3. Open the url to download:  https://yiiot.net/

You can download the mobile version of the app on PAD for use, at present we do not have a specially adapted pad version of the app Oh (iPad search when “only the iPad to change to all”)

App connectivity issues

  1. Download the “YI IoT” app on your phone.
  2. Click on the add button in the upper right corner of the app, select the corresponding model of the camera, while plugging in the camera, and so on after hearing the voice prompt of the camera, click on the voice prompt to enter the connected Wi-Fi interface, enter the password, generate a binding QR code on the mobile phone side.
  3. When the camera gives a drip prompt, the camera lens is aimed at the QR code on the phone screen for scanning.

Confirm which step the user is connected to, depending on the connection.

  1. The camera prompts waiting for the connection, scanning the QR code is not responding.
    (1) Check the wifi name (don’t be too long and too complex, Chinese and special symbols).
    (2) Confirm that the scanning distance is appropriate, and do not move too frequently left and right during scanning.
    (3) Click on the QR code picture to enlarge the QR code, and then scan.
    (4) Lens problems with the machine itself (loss of focus, etc.)
  2. After the camera sweeps the code, prompts that the QR code is invalid?
    (1) Confirm that the user-bound model is correct.
  3. The camera prompts”wifi connection failed”.
    (1) Confirm that the wifi name and password were entered incorrectly.
    (2) It is recommended to try to restart the router before connecting.
    (3) Confirm that the router has set up mac filtering.
    (4) Check the router blacklist.
  4. Enter the wifi password correctly but still prompt for an error.
    (1) The camera only supports the 2.4G band for the time being, and it is necessary to ensure that the wifi is not the 5G band.
    (2) Restart the router.
    (3) Set the router encryption mode to WPA/WPA2 mode.
    (4) Turn on QOS in advanced settings and set it to the highest.
    (5) Confirm that the router has set up mac filtering.
    (6) Check the black and white list options settings.
    (7) Turn off AP isolation in router settings.
  5. The camera prompts”wifi connection succeeds” but does not bind, prompts failed to get.
    (1) Check whether the network status can be connected to the external network.
    (2) Manually upgrade the camera firmware version and software version to the latest.
    (3) Confirm whether the QR code has timed out or been used.
    (4) Confirm the model (standard version does not apply)
  6. Camera prompt “Binding successfully, you can start using”, but did not see the camera in the list?
    (1) Customers are advised to exit the app, clean up the background and open it again.
    (2) If there is still no suggestion to rebind the camera.
  1. The router is encrypted in WPA/WPA2 mode.
  2. Turn on QOS in advanced settings and set to the highest.
  3. Turn off AP isolation in router settings.
  4. Carry-on wifi does not support connecting devices.
  5. Turn off wireless access control and cancel the black-and-white list option.
  6. Turn on DHCP.
  7. Wireless mode is recommended to change to 11g only.
  8. It is not recommended to operate on mac addresses.
  9. The wifi name and password of the router are set to the form of English plus numbers.

3003,3013 error.

Try switching your cell phone network view.

3006 error.

  1. It is recommended that the user restart the camera and wait to reconnect to the network.
  2. Provide the camera code to the technical group to see if the camera backstage heartbeat is normal.

3019 error.

It is recommended to exit the APP, clean up the background and reopen it.

3024 Error .

It is recommended that the user restart the camera.

3029 error.

  1. Send the latest machine firmware for card swipe, to ensure that the user swipe machine success (provide sD card content screenshot)
  2. Submit the log of the memory card to the technical group.
  3. If the software problem is excluded, it is recommended to sell after the sale.

1. First confirm that the camera power supply is normal, in order to ensure that the camera power supply status is normal, check whether the router network is open, can access the Internet.
2. It is recommended to troubleshoot the router network problems, restart the router and refer to the “router settings” for troubleshooting.
3. It is recommended to try to restart the camera to bring the camera close to the route, unplug the memory card, replace the adapter and power cord;
4. It is recommended that the user change the wifi environment (change router or connect to the phone hotspot), and the customer is advised to try rebinding.

Turn off other connected devices and try connecting separately.

  1. Confirm that the mobile phone end and camera network are correct, the mobile phone side replacement network view.
  2. It is recommended that customers provide error code/DID device number to analyze the cause.

Supports connections without a WiFi password.

  1. It is recommended to restart the router and camera.
  2. It may be that the user’s current network is limited, it is recommended to switch 4G network view.

Prepare two phones, one of which turns on the hotspot and the other connects to the phone’s hotspot, and then follow the connect steps to connect.

Devices and mobile phones need to be bound for the first time in the same network environment Oh, if you are not convenient in the field to personally bind, it is recommended that you can let your family or friends, register a good account to bind, binding success after the account will be shared with you, you can be viewed after landing in the camera app.

A device can only bind a mobile phone APP, binding can be shared to 5 people , after sharing others can be in their camera app at any time to view this camera, sharing function in the app home page camera in the upper right corner. After sharing, you need the main account to open sharing rights.

1.No, the camera needs to be connected to wifi to work properly.

2.The camera can be connected by the mobile phone hot spot. Need to have two mobile phones, a mobile phone hot spot equivalent to a router, and a mobile phone to bind. Pay attention to traffic consumption.

According to the test, SD picture quality watching video per minute traffic consumption of about 1.8M, hd picture quality (720P) per minute traffic consumption of about 4M, flow trench please continue.

3.Some models also support access point mode (AP) to view live and playback video without the Internet.

Smart cameras have an unlimited number of bound cameras for the same account, and you can bind multiple cameras with the same account name, which means you can put the cameras in different places with just one account to manage for ease.

Note, however, that you need sufficient bandwidth to ensure that multiple cameras are connected properly in the same network environment. Each camera requires an up-line bandwidth of 0.5 Mbps. The same device should be accessed as many as 5 accounts at the same time.

  1. The lens protection film of the new device needs to be torn off, and the lens of the old device needs to be wiped.
  2. Do not insert the memory card before the binding is successful.
  3. The ios device needs to turn on the positioning function.
  4. The mobile phone screen resolution is too low, the screen is too dark, too far from the camera lens, reflections and other factors will cause the QR code to be unrecognizable. It is recommended to keep the phone screen at normal brightness (not night mode), the phone screen is facing the camera, and the distance is adjusted to the length of your phone.
  1. Check to see if your phone is on a Wi-Fi connection, poor network conditions can cause binding to fail, and keep the camera as close to the router as possible.
  2. Please ensure that the firmware has been upgraded to the latest version, click how to manually upgrade the firmware to view the firmware upgrade guide.
  3. If the firmware is up to date, check the router settings:
  4. The camera only supports the 2.4G band for the time being, and it is necessary to ensure that the WiFi selected is not the 5G band.
  5. Guarantee that the wifi name is an English character or number and that the password does not contain special characters.
  6. Set the router encryption to WPA/WPA2 mode.
  7. Turn on QOS in advanced settings and set it to the highest.
  8. Black and White List Turn off wireless access control and cancel the Black and White List option.
  9. Turn off AP isolation in router settings.

Turn off the router when you’re set up, wait a few minutes, and then restart.

Follow these steps to check your router settings.

1.For the time being, the camera only supports the 2.4G band and needs to ensure that the WiFi selected is not the 5G band.

2.Make sure that the wifi name is an English character or number, and that the password does not contain special characters.

3.Set the router encryption to WPA/WPA2 mode.

4.Turn on THES in advanced settings and set it to the highest.

5.The black-and-white list turns off wireless access control and cancels the black-and-white list option.

6.Turn off AP isolation in router settings.

After scanning the QR code, the camera hears a “Wi-Fi switch failed” voice for the following possible reasons:

  1. The Wi-Fi password was entered incorrectly.
  2. The current router is connected to too many devices.
  3. The current network situation is not good, please check the router’s network situation”

The loading video stays at 99% when the device is in use, and resetting is invalid

It is necessary to confirm whether the user’s home network environment is normal, and the DID of the device can be provided for verification by the background engineer.

Relevant operations are not recommended. The mobile terminal can be directly connected to the device through the YIIOT APP.

PC download address: https://yiiot.net/yi-iot-for-pc/

In order to ensure the stability and safety of the equipment in use, it needs to be connected through our cloud ant platform.

This situation is mostly caused by the failure of QR code recognition. You can first confirm whether the user has removed the protective film of the device lens, verify whether the APP used is the latest version, and confirm the user’s network environment and the distance between the device and the router.

  1. Confirm the accuracy of the WIFI password, it is recommended to modify it and try again
  2. Confirm whether the user’s mobile phone is an IOS device and whether the location permission has been enabled

After the user changed his mobile phone, the original subscription service cannot be used normally.

It is recommended that the user log in with the original account to use it normally

Select “Other connection methods”-“Direct hotspot connection”

Confirm if your device support hotspot mode.

  1. Turn off the mobile WIFI first.
  2. Turn on mobile phone data.

App usage issues

It is recommended that no more than 12 cameras be bound under the same account. (There is no specific quantity limit, but too many bindings do not ensure that each one can be opened properly)

There is no specific quantity limit, but it is not recommended that too many devices log on at the same time, too many users log on at the same time will cause the camera connection is unstable and cannot be viewed properly.

  1. If you need to turn off for a long time, it is recommended to turn off the device on the APP (open the camera setting interface-click the switch button behind the “camera switch”-the camera can be turned off or on), and then delete this on the APP Device, for a short time, just turn off the device on APP.
  2. When the app turns off the camera, the camera is in the standby state. If you need to shut down completely, it is recommended to unplug the power directly.
  1. Click on the app home camera shooting screen below the “settings” to enter.
  2. Click the settings button in the upper right corner of the camera shot to enter.

Go to the settings screen – click on Camera Settings – click on the image rotation option.

  1. Camera surveillance screen sound default to the off state, need to click on the monitoring screen’s small horn to turn on sound playback”
  2. Make sure the media volume of your phone is turned on.
  3. If all of the above settings are correct, make sure that there is a sound in the video recorded on the SD card, if there is no suspicion that the camera microphone is faulty.

Do not support the adjustment of machine sound size, of course, your needs and suggestions we will feedback, later support this feature.

Click the video button of the camera monitoring interface is the real-time monitoring screen of the mobile phone recording app Oh, this recording file is saved in the mobile phone app, you can find your recording through the mobile phone app’s “album”. Clicking this recording button to record has nothing to do with recording in your memory card Oh, so when you exit the app recording will also pause.

This is because you turn on the setting of “Turn on motion detection recording”, turned on this setting, the camera only detects changes in the screen when the recording Oh, the screen is still when not recorded saved. If you need to record 24 hours a day, you can go to the settings interface and turn off the switch behind Turn on Mobile Reconnaissance Recording.

Go to Settings – click on “Camera Name” – to see the camera DID code

Scan the QR code for the bottom or back cover of the machine.

This is due to your network reasons Oh, it may be that your phone to view the camera surveillance screen connection speed is not very good, so switch hd mode will cardton, it is recommended that you can choose SD or automatic mode to view it.

Because the mobile phone has gyroscope effect, the picture display is not complete, when the phone shakes left and right, the monitoring screen will be left or right some, to ensure that the picture is complete. In addition, you can also directly in the vertical screen to view the screen to narrow the screen or click the full screen button, for a complete view oh.

  1. If the phone is talking, the camera does not make a sound.

(1) Confirm the user’s current call mode.

You need to press and hold the microphone button to speak in talk mode;

Phone mode needs to click on the phone icon to make a call

(2) Confirm that the user’s app has microphone access turned on.

 Apple iOS: Go to Settings, find the YI IoT app,turn on microphone access.

 Android: Go to Settings, find Privacy Permissions, click App Rights Management, click Microphone permissions, and find YI IoT app to turn on microphone permissions.

     p.s. Due to the high degree of customization of android, the permission setting path may be different in different ROM brands, please focus on guiding the customer to look for settings in the relevant settings for app permissions. “

(3) Confirm that the above operation and settings are normal, the camera still does not make a sound, may be the machine’s speaker problem, it is recommended that the customer can reset the camera binding, to see if there is a relevant tone during the operation.

  1. If the camera can make the sound of the phone talking, the mobile phone can not hear the camera sound.
  1. Double-click the screen to zoom in
  1. Confirm the specifications of the customer’s memory card.
  2. Customers are advised to export the contents of the memory card and overwrite the format on their computer before trying.

Generally, 2m-10m is recommended in the same area (good sound quality), and the distance between people and equipment should be within 2m.

It can be used normally after logging in with the original account. (If the user forgets the account or still can’t reach it, the device DID can be provided and the background engineer will assist)

It should be the purchase of equipment before using cloud services.

  1. The protective film on the front of the camera is not torn off.
  2. Is there any reflective object directly in front of the lens? (Such as tiles, decorations, etc.)
  3. No, there is a problem with the equipment.

In the case of a dome camera, the cruising sky is 340°.

  1. Not all devices have the function of selecting decibels.
  2. If this device has this function, if the function is directly closed after adjustment, reset the device and reconnect.

Click the split screen button. If the prompt is locked, you need to buy a cloud service to unlock this feature.

Local storage issues

To meet the 8 to 128G, Class10, card speed of 48M or above memory card standards.

Why is the memory card inserted, but the timeline is not recording?

  1. Confirm that a memory card is detected in the app.
  2. Confirm whether the customer’s memory card meets the memory card standard of 8 to 128G, Class10, and the card speed is 48M or above.
  3. It is recommended that customers overwrite the memory card format.
  1. After formatting the SD card in the APP, a portion of the storage space is used as a hidden partition to store the system files, so the remaining capacity displayed will be smaller than the actual size of your memory card. Hidden partitions ensure independent storage and security of system files, and efficient reading and writing of packaging memory cards. If you want to use the full capacity of your memory card, we recommend that you override formatting on your computer by using a card reader.
  2. Some expansion cards on the market will be formatted after the original space will be restored, it is recommended to contact the memory card merchants.
  1. Confirm whether the customer’s memory card meets the 8 to 32G, Class10, card speed of 48M or above memory card standards.
  2. The memory card status may be abnormal, it is recommended that the customer overwrite the memory card format.
  1. You can view the playback through the app, the operation is as follows.

(1) Open the app and go to the video playback page.

(2) Tap the video shot screen and jump out of the video timeline.

(3) Drag the timeline to view your history recording by time (orange for recording area)

(4) By finger zooming in and out of the timeline, you can also make the time display more accurate, help you quickly locate and find video”

  1. Download the PC side to view.
  2. You can remove the memory card, through the card reader inserted into the computer, in the computer to read the memory card video files to view.

OK. It is recommended that you use a card reader to computer rebuild partitions on your computer using disk management tools for formatting, or formatting on your computer, which can be recovered.

App recording.

You can also record via the mobile app, and video recordings can be stored on your phone. However, the phone capacity is limited, if you want to store video, it is recommended to use with SD card or cloud storage.

Cloud storage.

If cloud storage is turned on, as long as the screen moves, the video is automatically stored in the cloud and recorded scrolling.

  1. The standard configuration does not include a memory card.
  2. Without memory card, keep the 6s alarm video for 6~6.5 days.

Cloud storage issues

After the cloud storage service is turned on, as long as there is movement in the camera surveillance screen, the video will be automatically uploaded to the cloud, if the screen is still is not saved.

  1. After the deduction is successful, the cloud service does not immediately show that the activation is successful. You need to click “Cloud Service Management” to bind this service to the designated device.
  2. The APP shows that the activation is not successful. Check whether the account purchased by the customer is a cloud service account.
  3. Collect payment information from customers and provide the camera serial number to the cloud storage technology group for verification
  1. Open the camera app, find the camera you need to view cloud storage, and click on the “Watch cloud storage” icon to view it.
  2. Click on the cloud storage icon in the upper right corner of the real-time view screen to view it.
  3. Go to the camera settings – click “My Cloud Storage” – click “Go to My Cloud Space” to view.

It can be done through a PC-side program.

  1. Confirm that the user’s cloud storage upload switch is turned on (enter the camera settings interface – click “My Cloud Storage” – turn on the switch button behind the “video upload service switch”)
  2. Confirm that the firmware version of the machine is up to date.
  3. Confirm whether the user can monitor the network in real time through the mobile phone.
  4. It is recommended that the user try to restart the camera.
  5. Collect cloud storage orders from users, device numbers, log files in memory cards to submit technical groups for analysis.
  1. Mobile app end in the cloud storage viewing page, click on the download icon.
  2. The PC side of the computer can click on the cloud storage icon through the camera PC version to enter the cloud storage viewing page, and then click on the save icon to download.

Rolling loop recording is such as when you purchase a 15-day rolling loop recording, the 16th day of video will cover the first day of cloud video, and so on. There are currently three rolling loop recording options available for 7 days, 15 days, and 30 days.

When the service expires, you will stop uploading new videos to the cloud. Videos that have been saved in the cloud are scrolled to delete by the number of days recorded in the scroll loop. For example, if you purchase a 15-day rolling loop recording, the service expires, the first day’s video is deleted the day after expiration, and so on.

  1. Confirm that the account that the user is signed in to is the account that was tied to the purchase of cloud storage.
  2. Cloud storage is tied to account numbers and cameras, if the cloud storage machine is bound, after reset, rebinding a new account, the new account if you want to use cloud storage need to re-purchase.
  1. You can’t view previous cloud storage videos.
  2. If the new account needs to use the cloud storage service, it needs to be re-purchased and cannot continue to use the cloud storage purchased by the previous account.

Cloud Storage Services does not support mid-way refunds and changes to payment plans and needs to be replaced after the end of the current service.

Collect cloud storage order information (cloud storage order number, service time, purchase amount) from customers, calculate the remaining renewal refund amount, initiate cloud storage after-sales tickets by nail, and register refunds after approval.

OK . After the device is configured successfully, the continuous power supply of the device (presumed that the device is plugged into the SD card) can also be recorded, and the historical video can be viewed after networking.

  1. The device display (0/5) means it is offline, and the user needs to confirm the status of the device (after going online, the binding cloud storage is normally activated).
  2. Whether the user is the sharer of the device, if it is the sharer, the cloud service cannot be bound.
  3. Whether the mobile phone device used by the user is the main device (the device that uses the account to log in for the first time and the APP in the device is still working normally), the use of the corresponding function needs to be operated in the main device.

Alarm problem

Enter the camera settings——click on “Intelligent Detection Alarm Settings”—— turn on the motion detection alarm.

After the motion detection alarm is turned on, outside the cooling time, when the camera detects movement in the picture, an alarm is raised and the movement is continuously monitored.

  1. After you turn on the smart camera app to push messages, when the camera has alarm information, it will push to your mobile phone message notification bar.
  2. Camera alarm does not support phone calls, text messages and other ways to notify you, only mobile phone app message push.
  3. Outdoor machine in the “camera alarm” switch, in the push alarm message at the same time, the camera will sound the alarm bell, acting as a deterrent.

Enter the camera settings – click on “Intelligent Detection Alarm Settings” – open the “Monitoring designated screen area” settings need to be specified separately to monitor the area.

  1. Sensitivity is set to high: the camera detects objects moving on the shooting surface and alerts the police whenever there is a slight shaking.
  2. Sensitivity is set to medium: the camera detects that an object can be seen clearly is moving, and the object has a large movement will alarm.
  3. Sensitivity is set to low: the camera detects that an object that can be seen clearly is moving and that the object is moving significantly.
  1. Alarm frequency is set to high: if there is movement, you will receive frequent alarm messages.
  2. Alarm frequency is set to medium: if there is movement will be more frequently received alarm messages.
  3. Alarm frequency is set to low: if there is movement will not receive frequent alarm messages.

Enter the camera settings——click on “Smart Detection Alarm Settings”—— click on “Alarm Period”——set to “Custom Alarms” – add an alarm period.

Custom alarm time period does not support the day-breaking setting time, need to set two alarm time, the first paragraph is set to:22 pm.— 0 am. the second paragraph is set to: 0 pm. – 8 pm. can be.

  1. Confirm that the user has opened the app alarm message push, if not open please open the app push.
  2. Confirm that the alarm setting of the camera is on.
  3. Confirm whether there has been movement in the camera surveillance screen, if there is continuous movement will not frequently alarm, you need to wait for the screen to remain still for a period of time before triggering the alarm again.
  4. Confirm that the alarm sensitivity and alarm frequency are set to high.
  5. Confirm that the range of movement in the camera picture shooting is too small to trigger an alarm.
  1. Confirm that the Video and Pictures feature in camera settings is turned on and if not, the alarm message does not push videos and pictures.
  2. Confirm that the user’s network is normal, if the network is not good will lead to the failure to upload successful videos and pictures.

Successful videos and pictures may not be uploaded due to network issues.

  1. The mobile detection alarm of the cloud camera is 6 seconds.
  2. The mobile tracking alarm of the cloud camera is 10 seconds.
  1. Open the camera app, click on the “message” column at the bottom of the app, you can view the camera history alarm message.
  2. Turn on the camera monitoring to view the screen, there will be a machine history alarm message below, the cloud camera needs to click on the fourth “message” icon below, you can view the history alarm message.

With the original tracking algorithm, the camera automatically captures and tracks the movement of moving objects when it detects movement, and pushes you to a 10-second alarm video.

Alarm messages are pushed to your phone over the network, and the speed is related to the network speed of your phone and camera. We will also further optimize the software design to improve the user experience.

By turning on the human alarm in the intelligent detection alarm, the camera can only alarm when a person appears in the picture, filtering out unnecessary wind and grass movements.

You can also customize the alarm area to make the alarm more targeted

Just set the alarm frequency to high, but there are also intervals, once every tens of seconds.

Video browsing

The camera provides 4x digital zoom and can be partially magnified 4x, allowing you to see more details. The camera also uses advanced ROI technology to prioritize the flow of code in the zoomed-in area. There are two ways to zoom in on a mobile app.

  1. Double-click on the screen.
  2. Zoom in the picture area with your finger
  1. Check that the router to which the camera is connected has access to the external network.
  2. Turn off the app and restart.
  3. Plug in the power of the device and restart the camera.
  1. Detect if the router connected by the camera is functioning properly.
  1. If the device has a Micro SD card unplug the SD card and power it back on.
  2. Try replacing the USB cable connection camera (possibly due to cable quality or voltage)
  3. Keep the camera as close to the router as possible.
  4. Reset the camera and rebind.
  1. If you find that the volume of the screen is low, please check whether the small speaker logo below the video screen is muted, and try to turn up the volume of your mobile media.
  2. If viewing the picture on the camera’s local network, keep your phone away from the camera recommended more than 5m.
  3. When placing the camera, keep the camera position away from electronic devices (fridge, microwave, etc.)
  1. Please upgrade to the latest camera app.
  2. View device microphone permissions are not turned on.

If it’s an phone, just tick off the recording.

If it’s an iPhone – slide down in settings to find the smart camera and allow the microphone to operate.

  1. Please check the condition of your device’s network.
  2. If the delay is too large, try exiting the video screen and reopening the loaded video.
  1. Please confirm that the current mode (HD SD automatic) network instability may cause the picture to blur.
  2. Please export the video from the microSD card to your computer to see if the picture is blurry.
  3. If the picture in the microSD card is also blurred, it may be a problem of equipment quality, please contact after-sales processing.
  1. Please confirm that the current mode (HD SD automatic) network instability may cause the picture to blur.
  2. Please export the video from the microSD card to your computer to see if the picture is blurry.
  3. If the picture in the microSD card is also blurred, it may be a problem of equipment quality, please contact after-sales processing.

Watch live and cloud storage videos from the PC client.

Just keep the image rotation function turned on when the device is upside down on the wall.

Account &Password related issues

Relevant operations require the user to provide the order information, and we do the background verification. After the ticket number is generated, it is expected that the payment will be refunded to the customer’s original account within 7-10 working days.

This situation may be caused by the account being locked, and the user needs to wait 15 minutes for the first appearance

The length is between 8-16 digits, and there are at least three types of numbers, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and special symbols. (At the same time, avoid using consecutive or repeated numbers and letters)

1. Network card.
2. Frequent operations to change/reset passwords in a short period of time.
3. The devices of two different mobile phone operating platforms are switched back and forth.