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How to add yi iot wifi camera

Warm Tips:

  • The camera supports 2.4G wifi only, which can be set from your router.
  • It’s better to use the camera under strong wifi signal environment.
  • And it’s normal for IP camera if it is affected by network and delayed.
  • APP Account: It supports email only.
  • If it is offline or wifi cannot be connected, please reset and connect it again. When resetting, there will be a short sound which means reset successfully. When connecting, make the camera close to your router.
  • When turn off the ‘Motion Tracking’, the camera would turn itself, then stop.
  • Try to keep away from the metal space.Avoid it being blocked by furniture, microwave oven.
  • Avoid the space where the audio, video and data lines are wound, and keep the space away from them as large as possible.Ensure that as close as possible to the coverage of wireless Wi-Fi signals.

How to Reset Camera

Reset Button Press and hold Reset for about 5 seconds. When the horn sounds short voice, the reset is successful.

ADD Camera

1.Register and log into the APP

ADD Camera

2.Click ‘+’ > I heard’Waiting to connect’

ADD Camera

3. Enter your wifi password, and then make the camera lens face to the QR code directly. After there is voice prompt from the camera, click ‘Next’ and wait for connecting.

ADD Camera
ADD Camera

4. After connected successfully, named your camera, and it will complete.
Finally, there will be a prompt that if you need cloud storage or not. If there is no need, just click ‘Start using my YI’ and it is ok.

ADD Camera

5GHz wifi cannot be supported, it supports 2.4GHz only.
The hidden wifi cannot be supported.
The special characteristics cannot be supported.
The settings on the router cannot be started, such as AP isolation, anti rubbing network to restrict wifi access.

Camera Sharing

Click ‘Share Icon’ > Share cameras with your family. 

Others also need to download the APP, and then register an account to login.

Camera Sharing

Recording Setting

Insert the SD card first, and then the SD card setting will show on.

When insert the SD card, the camera will re-start automatically, which needs to wait for a while.

Recording Setting

View Video Playback

Click the video footage, switch to playback mode.

Time slot in color means there is recording, and time bar can be slided to view video.

View Video Playback

Motion Detection Setting

Turn on the Motion Detection and it is ok.

Motion Detection Setting

Baby Crying Detection:

Turn on Baby Crying Detection to alert you when the camera detects your baby crying.

Note: this feature should not be used as a substitute for child care.


Alert Frequency:

Set alert notifification intervals to low (5 minutes), medium(3 minutes), or high (1 minutes).

APP Interface Introduction

APP Interface Introduction
  1. Add camera
  2. Share camera
  3. Cloud storage
  4. Alarm
  5. Settings
  6. Devices
  7. Alarm message
  8. Cloud storage
  9. Account settings
APP Interface Introduction
  1. Cloud storage
  2. settings
  3. Definition switching
  4. Sound
  5. Local video
  6. Voice
  7. Take photos
  8. Enlarge
  9. Panorama shooting
  10. Control Rotation
  11. Control Rotation
  12. Motion tracking
  13. Alarm message

Yi ior Manual


  • I was wondering if you guys could help me delete the account associated with the camera, it is under my ex boyfriends name and he changed the password so I do not know it but I physically have the camera.

    • You can reset the camera and add it with a new account.
      If you purchased cloud storage, you will need to contact your camera seller to remove it.


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